Govan lass (written in Glesga slang)

Am a lass fae Govan
There a wiz born n breid
When a wiz wee a wiz playing tig on the dykes
N a split ma poor wee heid

Fae Glesga to Fife
Wiz where we went
To a flat in Methil
That ma maw goat fur rent

To skool a went like
A scaredey cat, didny know wit ti expect
2nd year it the high skool
Wiz a bit eh a pain in the neck

Home eckie wiz the class
A wanted it to be fun
Skool went well n a started wurk
Tull a wiz cooking a bun

Am a mammy eh 3 noo
Bit wit kin a say?
A replaced the telly
Nae mare tumbles in the hay

Ma weans are getting big fast
Aw gawn ti skool their self
But if a dont shake ma arse now
A might get left oan the shelf


  • Gary Edward Geraci

    Refreshing to see something like this every now and then. A good write and something different for a change. Got a good laugh too...

    • Jewels

      Thank you

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good write. Those weans certainly grow up fast, treasure them.

    • orchidee

      A bit of French there?! I dunnae ken these things! I cannae say it's a bad write, cos it's good!
      Or in posh English - very spiffing poem, old bean. Tally-ho, and all that rubbish! heehee.

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