No matter

Are emotions feelings?  In a certain sense; yes.  But other then that, how can you figure sadness?

To be charming and graceful is well earned.  To be yourself is one of the greatest things you can earn. 

No matter;

No one can be their self.  Only someone who lives in a deserted area alone can be, but then he may copy animals. 

A non conformist is someone different.  Only there are a lot of non conformist.

Just like an apple.  When the tree yields fruit they all look round and they are.  Only the color and taste are different. 


  • Accidental Poet

    Very thought provoking, really makes you think about what you think you know. Nice write Marlena.

    • marlenawood

      Thanks for that because many don't understand that an that's awesome how you noticed love

      • Accidental Poet

        That's what I came away with after reading your poem Marlena. An excellent write.

      • Lorna

        I think that we are all "alone" and if we learn not to be afraid of that, we can be ourselves.......... in other words, not to let other people define you. Not easy......

        • marlenawood

          I agree with you completely love your right on that!!!

        • redneckwriter

          I love this poem!

        • marlenawood

          Thanks love

        • Maxine Smith

          How intriguing?! testing your own knowledge of who you believe you are, thought provoking and I love that.
          We think we are ourselves, but are we really? One form or another we adapt to people and environment because it’s deemed appropriate.
          A simple adaption is for work and professionalism, or around your kids to influence good behaviour.
          But who are we really? When are we really ourselves.
          My favourite read yet. Thank you for sharing.

          • marlenawood

            Aww thanks beautiful love I'm so glad you loved this piece as I love my community poets that are epically amazing an much love babe

            • Maxine Smith

              This inspired my ‘What are we?’ Poem.
              It was so thought provoking to when are we actually ourselves and why can’t we just be us.
              Then I wondered if we all did that the world would just be carnage lol
              So I should say thank you really for giving me a direction.

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            • King Taurus

              I can relate to this. It's in me to live freely. I know im not gone be here forever and this world we live in is temporarily.

              • marlenawood

                You ain't even lying boo frfr cause it's a new situation everyday u wake up to the next

                • King Taurus

                  Im not gone be out here tryna hurt nobody i just wanna be who i am and be happy in peace.

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