Do you know how?

How do you feel when it comes to feeling?  How do you realize you're feeling?  Are you really feeling in the first place?  Or is it another one of your senses, instead of the sense you think it is.  Does your brain really think for you?  How would it be to watch a brain thinking?  How can you think to yourself?  How can you talk to yourself in your head?  How does your brain think, how does it work?  Do you know how old you are?  Do you know a year is a year, and that a day is day or night is a night?  They're isn't any proof.  The world was here before man.  Is an hour really an hour, it could be a light year or longer.  What if one day where a year?  



    Love your PICTURE ~ MARLENA especially the GREEN ALIENS ! Just like YOU I have FIVE senses: Sight ~ Scent ~ Savour ~ Sound and Sensual (touch) these enable me to understand and appreciate the Environment including the Flora & Fauna and especially my fellow Human Beings ! People ~ "Wake up my senses ............... every day !" Time is another dimension determined on Planet Earth by NIGHT & DAY ~ that is the only division of time I recognise ~ hours ~ minutes ~ seconds are man made divisions and have little significance in he daily order of things. You have raised a lot of issues in your PHILOSOPHICAL POEM ~ Thanks for caring and stirring our Brains ! Yours BRIAN X

    • marlenawood

      Ahhh yes indeed thanks for the compliments love and yes I love some who, what, when an why or how?! I'm always one of questions about all things in life as I want to learn about things everyday as I do! Thanks for enjoying this piece xx

    • Laura

      All great write, Marlena!
      You gave us a lot to think about! Before I give myself a headache to think about the infinite possibilities of answers, I will concentrate on today only...not on yesterday...not on tomorrow! I will only deal with today!


      • marlenawood

        Thank love it surely does

      • orchidee

        I was feeling like reading this poem, cos I felt like it. So I thought about it and thought I would read it, and then I would think about it!
        I dunno if I'm coming or going? Is it Christmas now? Or half-past Spring, or what?!
        C'mon now you poets, you knows Easter is in August. You is just not telling me, and tricking me! heehee.

        • marlenawood

          lol thanks love for that it's wicked how the mind works

        • smallest_stars

          I love your thought-provoking poetry. There is depth here that I wish I could capture with my own.

          Great write!

          • marlenawood

            Thanks love an you can do anything you put your mind too. I thought I couldn't ever do it but I thought about it an went for it. You can never say never!

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