Mary had a little snake

Mary had a little snake. It was green an red, and everywhere that Mary went, the snake was sure to shed.

Mary had a little snake, loved to slither around her bed,
And everywhere that snake would slither, would pray on to be fed.

Mary had a little snake and she had just only one. One morning she wakes up to her snake an it had became as tons. All colors and sizes, some more beautiful surprises for that one had become more fun.

GIRLS fascinate Snakes
IS it the Satin or the Scent
REALLY fun to watch a Snake Dancer
LOVELY & LITHE ~ see the Snake Dive
REACHING to places where I never went !
SNAKES come in all sizes
NO TWO snakes are the same
A Black One a White One or Brown
KINGS of the forest they all play a game
EVERYONE'S Special ~ the Snake Girl's in TOWN
SO don't make a mistake ~ You can't compete with A SNAKE !

I really know nothing of snakes
Nothing worthy enough to write
But here I am thinking
When last I had one in sight
Just a small Garder
Upon the grass I cut
I stopped the mower
To move the snake's lazy butt

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