Falls like the tears that drown my face
Washes away my makeup
Drenches me in memories of the past
Fills the rivers
Floods towns and cities
Provides hope and health

With blowedly glusts that blewed the plain
And brung along precipitations
Globulets and drizzlications
Runny downloads windy panes.
-Michael Edwards-

Walking along my usual way.
‘‘Twas a little cloudy,
But, seemed a sunny day.
Keeping my pace, my heart rate substains.’
Suddenly I’m drenched,
By April’s unpredictable rains.
I begin to sprint, to someplace dry.
My feet halt to a stop, I let out a sigh.
I look around, everything so green.
Rain is the most wonderful thing,
I ever have seen!
Resa :)

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