Life is a funny old game,
Little things drive me insane,
Drivers driving in wrong lane,
Or fighting to get on the train.

They stand on left and not the right,
Stop in my path to see a sight,
The way they speak should make it clear,
 I don't think they're from round here.


  • Lorna

    ha ha! And you all drive on the wrong side of the street! No wonder your visitors get mixed up!

    • Michael Edwards

      Back in feudal times we rode on the left so our right hands were free to defend ourselves against attack and so it remains today - not that I anticipate brandishing my sword any time soon. :)

      • Lorna

        Great information! I didn't know......... it's fun finding these things out........

      • Michael Edwards

        I know that problem well - standing still on the left on the escalators and I emphasise with the other grumbles as well .Great stuff Davey.

      • Aislinn Wilson

        Very self aware

      • Daveyboyz

        Thanks all.

      • David.A-J

        ...it's the story of my life...they're all out of step except me.... and maybe you...

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