No way to explain it, you simply have to see,
perception is illusory.
A can of worms opened with LSD,
received knowledge sets me free.

Risk of a torture, even PSD
"set and setting" is the key,
friends who take great care of me,
expanded my mind incredibly.

Not all drugs are equal, not all bad,
spiritual experiences can be had,
Only did this when I was still a lad,
memory of a day that made me glad.


  • Michael Edwards

    Well expressed work although not an experience I've shared - also love the painting - touches of our friend Lewis.

    • Daveyboyz

      Lew liked it, it was a direct response to the experience I mention. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Nicholas Browning

      A friend of mine desperately wants to try such things. I'll have no part of it mind you. The poem is good though.

      • Daveyboyz

        I would like to have more such experiences but given the illegal nature of the substances and who you have to deal with to acquire them it is most unlikely unless I go on a retreat to Peru.

      • onepauly

        my last experience with mescaline, an equal to lsd, was 30 years ago. if I was still using it, I could create an encyclopedia sized book with great poetry, mostly poetry that rhymes. peace be with you

        • Daveyboyz

          Those that have seen understand, you can't unsee the shift that occurs with the realisation of what your own mind can do. That experience always stays with you, there's no other day 25 years ago that I can recall with such vivid detail and enthusiasm. Whether it should be revisited I don't know but its a top three experience in my life (along with traveling the world, and love) peace back at you.

          • onepauly

            you are right, it is overwhelming
            and we must do the work
            to see it through.

          • orchidee

            A good write D. I can see what you mean. One said to me 'How do you know you won't like it? You've never tried it. Go on, give it a whirl!' And even on the lines of: 'Oohh let's try all new experiences'. But I said 'No thanks'. It may unlock parts of our mind we wish were never unlocked. Dangerous I think.

            • Daveyboyz

              No risk, no reward... though our culture portrays such things as far bigger deal than they are. Heroin, cocaine and crack etc are as bad or worse than they are made out to be but somehow other illegal substances are conflated simply because the fall so far out of our realms of logical understanding. If you take such things you fall out of the constructs they have put you in, the religious box, the economic subservience - those with power don't wish you to find enlightenment. Look after yourself how you see fit though, there is only one of you.

            • Daveyboyz

              Many drugs are dangerous, and pychedelics are no exception but they are medicinal and physically pretty safe... the tribes of the amazon have been taking ayahuaska as a rite of passage into adulthood for thousands of years, the Eygyptions were all off their heads on DMT (extracted from Arcacia leafs) the Hindu's art is clearly influenced by such substances as is some cave art and the rampages of the Vikings were undertaken on mushrooms. Why we in the Western world would deny ourselves the enlightenment of experiencing a higher conciousness which can barely be achieved through weeks of fasting and meditation or seclusion in dark rooms out of fear of ourselves is a bit unfortunate in my opinion. LSD strangely enough is not at all addictive despite how great an experience it is, even a horror show experience offers some medicinal therapy. If you are not sure then don't get involved but if you are ready, mentaly strong and willing to surrender yourself to the ecperience I believe great virtue can be found in a few specific substances which literally unlock your mind.

              Each to their own though...

            • blast219

              an eye opening poem about psychedelic drugs, totally new to me.

            • sylviasearcher

              Hmmm. Interesting experience.

              Do you think there may have been innate it environmental influences in your response?

              • Daveyboyz

                The response is unimaginable, it's not like getting drunk or high it literally connects parts of your brain together that aren't normally in communication and turns your filters off (so you are taking in more information) The "set and setting" stands for mindset and environment which are important, such things must be taken where you feel safe and having people you trust around to look after you is good too... on an emotional level it is as if everything is multiplied so happiness becomes ecstatic and fear becomes living terror - which is why mindset going into it is important and its probably wise to start with some small doses first. Interesting is an understatement, when you realise how differently it is possible to perceive the world you start to understand how dependent your thinking is on biological architecture and you also gain greater empathy for those whose minds do not function normally.

                • sylviasearcher

                  Yes I have a son with autism and I sometimes wonder of his sensory experience of the world.

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