Life can be bruising
a battle we're losing,
trying not to get broken,
Our conscious awoken.

No time to wait,
our burdens are great,
we do our best,
to pass this test.

When it is done,
nowhere to run,
is there anything more?
what was it for?


  • Michael Edwards

    Rant away - there's plenty to rant about in the political arena at the moment. Great dwg and poem.

    • Daveyboyz

      Pfft, I can't get into it... my politics can't be condensed into a cliche like "love not hate" it's complicated and all I see are people spoonfed propaganda who can't see their hand in front of their face or what the EU really is - bereft of values. They are invested in crisis in N Africa, thats how they replace the workforce in E Europe that have been pillaged by W Europe. Its a modern day slave trade, and one facet of Kalergi's plan. Don't get me started on Yrump either, the double standards of the virtue signallers who critisize him are breath taking... Obama gave money to Mexico for a wall, Bill Clinton spent a fortune on a wall yet wanting a secure border makes Trump a bad guy? I am not saying he's a great president but no change there really, Obama was useless (despite being a good talker) but it seems democrats aren't held to account.

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