I don't know if in bisexual all I know is that I would be in a relationship with a girl. I don't know if I have a crush all I know is that I think I like my best friend who is a girl. I don't know if I'm sad all know is that i cried after watching a video of a bisexuality poetry slam. I don't know if I'm bi or just curious all know is that I like how when people had my hands I can feel their soft skin under mine. why isn't this accepted why is it that you have to be straight or you have to be gay Why is it that when someone says they're not a male or a female people make fun. why isnt this accrpted in todays socirty i was raised that everyone is equal but whemn my own father says peole who are gay are going to hell i want to scream and yell that he just told his own daughter that she is going t hell when I tell y sister that I think im pansexual she says ok and i belive that people will be ok with me When i find out my friends are gay bi and trans i feel loved they are the ones that helped me relize who i am they helped me come out to them But when my bes friend gets called a fag and tells me that he hates them I belive him and when another friend gets called fuckin big bird for being trans and tells us that he HATES being trans and wishes he was normal I cry and tell him that here is no normal and to not belive whet people are telling him. And when my best friend tells me she told her mom about being bi and I'm so happy for her but she tells me that he cant tell her grandpa because he calls gay people fags I confront her. and then i think of my family i can tell my own father that i like girl because I know something will happen I cant tell my grandpa because he will probably scream at me I'm scared to even tell my mom because i don't know what shell think i can't even tell my oldest sister who I love so much because i don't know her view on gay people. Why why does family turn their backs on family they tell them on simple thing about themselves. I don't understand it. I was raised to believe everyone is equal but when I see videos of and first hand of transphobia and homophobia I don't know what to believe because everyone is equal right?


  • Maxine Smith

    You are who you are, so always be true to you and follow your heart, your heart doesn’t not lie, so be true to it.
    People will always hate, you can be too fat, too thin, too strait, too gay, too extravagant too anything. Then people will always love. Surround your self with the accepting and the loving.
    You cannot be everyone’s cup of tea, so do what makes you happy.
    Don’t live for others.
    Live for yourself and those who love you and Vise versa

  • Saima

    I completley understand you. I had deep feelings for my girl best friend and i have a boyfriend. Its so hard, but do whatever makes you happy and be yourself xx

  • Goldfinch60

    As Maxine said do waht makes you happy and that happiness will move you forward in life.

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