COUNTRY MUSIC reaches to your soul
When you hear the beat ~ your feet
You just cannot control !
Line dancin' feet prancin'
Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline
You just can't stop romancin '
June & Johnny Cash ~ there's flash
Hear them at the Hoe Down
Sat'day Church Hall bash !
I love all the Country Girls
So sassy and so cute
Diddy Dolly Parton ~ curves 'n curls
WHAT IS COUNTRY ? ~ no affrontry
As Kris Kristopherson said
To my Country Cousin Fred
If it sounds like COUNTRY
Then it sure is COUNTRY !
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Hmmm I’m sure my music won’t be your cupa’ Tea
Myself and my kids love pop, to dance endlessly
We turn it up loud, jump around so care free
Make fools of ourselves and we don’t care who will see

All music is based on CLASSIC
Heavy Metal and Punk Rock ~ BORACIC
For hundreds of years
It's brought JOY to our ears
Going right back to the JURASSIC !
What is my choice
BRYN TEVRIL a Welshman to boot
And Catherine Jenkins ~ She's Cute !
The Huddersfield Choral Choir
Singing Handel's Messiah
Accompanied by the Royal Liverpool Phil
The HALL PHILHARMONIC would fill & thrill !
Played by JOHN LILL !
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Music is essential to my life
It gets me through joy and strife
Pop music fills me with zest!
It's what I like to dance to best.

Keep dancing CHRISTINA
Its good for the SOLE !
I like Ballroom
dancing to NAT KING COLE !


  • Laura

    Great Fusion everyone...especially that hit list of bands...phew!!


      CAIO LAURA ~ Pleased you enjoyed it ~ I agree HOOD'S list was a masterpiece ! Abbracci e Baci ~ BRIAN e ANGELA XOX

    • Jhe

      gutted i missed this one, coz thinking of a music rhyme is my kind of fun (sorry, here it comes!

      Dub moves me,
      lyric'ly & literally /
      gives me back my edge
      on horrible days,

      Salsa, however,
      gets me going in other ways ;) ...
      I like some other styles a bit
      but those two are my faves!

      best wishes, J

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks JAY JAY ~ Yes FUSIONS are on kept active for 15 days ~ but (as you have discovered they then come out in the open and yo can still add via a comment. I love SALSA ~ and the ARGENTINIAN TANGO ! Thanks for adding me as an MPS FRIEND ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

        • Jhe

          only just discovered that "notifications" is another place to recieve and send messages ~ there i was thinking my music message went unappreciated!

          re tango: altho i dont mind watching some tango dancers (those who are more into goose-bumpy sensuality than melodrama) i couldn't dance it to save my life ...even salsa's a no no if i haven't got a consistent but subtle lead ~ they let go and i'm stuck!
          anyway, better go see what else i've missed these last few days
          see ya, Jackie (uk too)

        • Gabriella

          amazing fusion

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