Crest of the Dove


In days of old when Knights were bold and wore bright and shining armor

When Kings were more that mortal men the Knights would die for honor

Here we meet our hero the good Knight “Sir Doobie Dubious”

He was a champion in the sacred order of the Crest of the Dove

He championed for the fair maid” Mary Jane” he championed for love

In the kingdom was a castle in the castle was the King

The King sat in the throne room on his throne high above

At the table sat the good Knights of the Crest of the Dove

Will the good lord “Sir Doobie Dubious” succeed in upholding the creed

 Of the sacred order of the Crest of the Dove

“Sir; Do you mean to defend yon fair maidens honor?”

Yes I believe I will indeed I would bode well to charm her

My lord I beg you succeed in upholding the creed and yon fair maidens honor

Alas as he mounted his steed he started to bleed having pinched his balls in his armor

He let out a scream and to all there it seemed his voice was two octaves higher

The King did decree” what’s wrong with thee” and re-assigned the knight to the choir

 The Knight made a plea but had to agree he did not succeed in upholding the creed

To say nothing of fair maiden “ Mary Jane’s honor


  • Author: willyweed (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 16th, 2018 20:37
  • Comment from author about the poem: A humorous tale of knights of old.
  • Category: Fantasy
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  • orchidee

    Oh dear lol. No pain is like it. I won't go into details but...... lol.

    • willyweed

      ouch , glad you enjoyed and sorry if it's relatable ? ww

    • Lorna

      I'm giggling at this one - probably happened more often than not! Such were the days of old.........

      • willyweed

        Thank you Lorna, that was my intention to get a giggle. peace ww

      • orchidee

        Yep, happened to me in the same way. I had this suit of armour on and was trying to get on a horse and..........! lol.

        • willyweed

          surely you jest? lol...ww

          • orchidee

            Well, I'm millions of years old, so I say. Ahh, I get it - jest. Yes, it was when I was jesting in a horse competition in medieval times. Oh, that's jousting - near enough to 'jest'. lol.

          • willyweed

            It means you're joking

          • kevin browne

            ah, then we can go chase King Arthur down right here in the heart of Somerset. there are many stories to be told about Camelot and the Knights who were under orders from the Great King Arthur.

          • willyweed

            Thank you Kevin , I hope to see you soon in Bath keep your phone on !

          • A.H. Browning

            I love this!

            Thank you!

            • willyweed

              you are most welcome, I love a good story poem. peace ww

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