I showed you my dreams

But concealed my fears

You saw only my smile,

And never my tears.

I kept my true feelings

Hidden away,

I didn’t want to ruin 

Our perfect day.

I lied to you

When I said I was alright 

I wasn’t sleeping soundly

I was up all night.

I was awake worrying 

Over what I don’t know 

But something just didn’t sit right

in my soul.

I felt fear

I’ve never felt before

It’s like my mind

Was waging a war.

I was happy one minute 

And sad the next,

Things I cared about 

I began to care less and less.

These feelings consume me 

They hold on tight,

I know you’re worried 

but I’ve been fighting this battle

all my life.

And I won’t stop fighting 

Till this war ends 

But if in the process I lose my common sense.

I have questions 

That would drive anyone to insanity

How can I sleep soundly 

When I’m not sure of my own reality?







  • Maxine Smith

    I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing.

  • Lee Renard Caspian

    Thank for putting this to words. It can so hard to describe what is like living each day in moments that either elate or break our spirits. You cannot tell the condition of someone's soul by their outward appearance.

    • Insideapoetsmind

      Thankyou for understanding and appreciating my poem, that is how I hoped it would come accross. :)

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