TAKE A BOW 🙇🏻‍♂️


Never Thought That This Would Be Exactly What I Needed,
To Sit Outside, And Write How My Happiness Got Deleted.
I Can’t Even Explain The Way I Really Feel,
About How Everything Around Me Now Just Seems So Real.
Have I Been Lost This Whole Time?
Do I Press Rewind?
Do I Really Wanna Think Of How I Lost My Damn Mind?
I Can’t Seem To Understand Why I’m Always The Villain,
Rumors Like Im Evil Or I Belong In A Prison.
“She’s Drama, She’s Stupid, Nah.. You Don’t Wanna Date Her,

A Monster In Tattoos Who Can’t Control Her Damn Anger.

She’s Crazy, She’s Abusive, No One Can Tame Her”,
And When I Call Their Shit Out... They Be Regretting It Later.
See I Always Tried To Just Mind My Business,
Because Worrying About Stupid Shit Is A Sickness.
I Don’t Need The Drama, I Deal With Enough On My Own,
I Dont Even See My Friends Now.. I Just Wanna Spend Time All Alone.
All My Life Ive Been Let Down By People I Love The Most,
Had Some Friends That Broke My Heart And Almost Caused Me To Overdose.
It’s Not Fucking Easy Being Someone Like Me,
Suffering From Inattentive A.D.H.D.
Having To Always Feel Like I’m Never Enough,
Cant Even Control My Attention, I’m Always Fed Up.

No One Ever Bothered Or Wondered Why,

Why Everytime I Was Angry, I Just Started To Cry,

All They Ever Saw Was Me Losing My Mind,

And Never Cared About The Pain I Was Carrying Inside.

All My Ex’s Claimed That They Were Abused By Me,

To Cover Up The Fact That THEY Fucked Up On Me

All They Ever Did Was Put The Blame On Me,
Because It Irks Their Fucking Soul Not Being Chased By Me,

Why Is It So Fucking Hard To Be Honest?

This Is Why I Never Believed In A Damn Promise.
I Was Always Known As The Quiet One,
When Really I Was More Of The Observant One.
I Needed To See,
Who’s Really Fucking With Me...
And Who The Fuck Deserved My Damn Loyalty.
Funny I Say That, Cuz Look At Me Now,
I’m Writing And I’m Happy, I’m Wondering How,
Away From All That Fake Shit That Aint Allowed,
All Of You That Hurt Me Made Me Stronger, Now Take A Bow.


  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 20th, 2018 05:28
  • Comment from author about the poem: I Went Years Dealing With So Much Stupid Drama That Really Had Nothing To Do With Me. I’ve Been Envied By People That Went As Far As Making Up Rumors That I Was A Very Abusive Person. Anything Just To Make Me Look Like A Very Evil Person And Have All The Attention Off Me. I’m Nothing Like What They Claimed I Was. They Knew That, And Took Advantage Of It. No One Really Took The Time To Think That Maybe I Was Struggling With Something That Caused Me To Be Different. I Was Someone Who Couldn’t Stand Hearing False Information About Myself. It Would Cause Me To Lose My Mind, Have Anger Issues, And Depression. But I Finally Found The Strength And Confidence To Love Myself No Matter What Rumors People Spread About Me. Now I Just See It As A Compliment😊 I Refuse To Give Up.
  • Category: Reflection
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