Flipping the Switch

if each black hole (when full)
blew out
another dimension

another 'big bang'

to re-seed
galaxies, stars,
flowers and grass,
and beasts
(including man)

in pastures fresh
if not entirely new,

or our cosmos fell apart
with age, decayed
/ subatomically /
its on-going re-invention

aeons of time

to rest
its gravity, dark
energy, quarks,
and metaphysical mind,

might you come back
as me and me as you?



    WELCOME JAY JAY ~ thanks for your first Poem. Planet Earth ~ GAIA ~ sure is a living thing and by complex Chemical CYCLES ~ water ~ nitrogen ~ carbon ~ oxygen etc it maintains equilibrium. If the CO2 level rises it compensates by Global Warming which has serious consequences which may ultimately (2500 ?) make our planet uninhabitable for Man etc ! There are CYCLES in the Solar System and our Galaxy the MILKY WAY ~ which may bring us back to Square ONE and an even BIGGER BANG ! I'm 35 so I expect to live to 2080 when I'll be 97 ! I'll let you know then how things are ! I'm an OPTIMIST ~ BUT I think they can only be worse for the MAJORITY (The normal people !) ~ Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN ~ I'm still digesting your POEM ! Please read mine ~ Thanks B.

    • Jhe

      hi briansodes,
      it\'s actually highly unlikely i\'ll still be around in 2080 (and if i\'m re-incarnated i might come back as an ant, or a pebble!), but thanks ;)

      "Everything in Nature is resurrection" ~ Voltaire (wiki quote)

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