I Hear My Alarm Go Off, It’s 4:49 In The Morning,

Half Asleep, I Look Out The Window And Notice That Outside It’s Pouring.

I Text If Your Ready, You Said “Yea Give Me A Minute,

Feeling Sick, The Car.. Can You Just Go Wait In It?”

Ready To Leave, And I Start Noticing The Dark Circles Under Your Eyes,

How Did This Happen, What Do I Do? 

I’m Trying So Hard Not To Cry.

Praying In Silence, Hoping That One Day This All Will Be Over, 

I Wish We Were Different, I Just Wish We Were Closer,

Im Hating Myself ‘Cause I Can’t Just Stay Sober. 

We Get To The Hospital, And I Watch You Walk In,

God You Look Like Me, You’re My Fuckin Twin.

I Don’t Wanna Leave You, I Just Wanna Stay,

It Shouldnt Be You Having This Pain. 

On The Way Home I Pull Over, Cause’ Too Much Was Crossing My Mind, 

Flashbacks From Our Childhood, To You I Was Never Kind. 

I Should’ve Been Nice To You,

Instead I Was Jealous Of You,

Cheli I’m Sorry For Not Being Who I’m Supposed To Be,

I’m The Oldest, I Should Protect You, But You Cant Even Count On Me. 

Our Family Has Always Been Awkward, And Only Hug On Special Occasions,

How Sad Is It That We Cant Even Sit Down And Have Decent Conversations. 

The Only Way I’ll Know How You’re Feeling Is By Stalking All Your Tweets,

I Should’ve Payed More Attention And Stayed Off Of These Fucking Streets. 

I Couldn’t Handle The Divorce.. So All My Weekends Were Full Of Clubs,

All I Wanted Was To Numb My Pain And Couldn’t Stay Off Of These Drugs.

I Wasted Years Trying To Find Myself,

When I Should’ve Been Worried About Your Health.

My Baby Sis, A Film Director Is All You Dream Of To Be, 

Trying My Hardest To Save You, I Promise Soon We’ll Find You A Kidney.

I Just Wanna See You Make It,

You Have A Great Future Ahead Of You, Lord Why Would You Wanna Take It? 

Cheli Forgive Me, I Feel Like I Always Let You Down,

But I Promise This Time Things Will Change, Im Gonna Stop Running Around.

I’ll Pay More Attention, And I’ll Be More Alert,

Please Tell Me When You Need Me, And Tell Me When It Hurts,

You’re Too Young To Go Through This, I’m Begging God Please,

If I Need To I’ll Do It, I’ll Get On My Knees,

Don’t Do This To Her, Just Do This To Me..

My Sister Doesn’t Deserve This Disease!!!

I Love You So Much And I’m Proud Of You, That’s Something I’ve Should’ve Always Said..

Lord If You Really Have To Take Somebody,





  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 23rd, 2018 21:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: I Have A Younger Sister Who Is Suffering From Kidney Disease. She's Been Going To Dialysis Every Other Day For About 2 Years Now. We Have Yet To Have Any Luck On Finding A Donor For Her, And Right Now Its Been Really Hard For Our Family. We Haven't Been The Closest And That's Probably What Breaks My Heart The Most. I Have Been Feeling Like A Failure To Her Because I Was Being Selfish Trying To Get Over My Parents Divorce. I Lost Myself Completely And It Broke My Heart Realizing That My Main Concern Should've Only Been Her. I Love My Sister For Life, She's The Only Sibling I Have. I Just Wanna See Her Healthy Again And Watch Her Make Her Dreams Come True. I Love You Cheli, And Im So PROUD OF YOU!
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  • Nicholas Browning

    I care very much about my brother. If anything were to happen to him, there would be some sort of hell to pay. We weren't always like that, though. We had our fights, and we didn't always see eye to eye. That's just how siblings are sometimes. My parents got divorced when I was very young, and it wasn't easy for either of us. Our mom was a drug addict, and she stole money from other people to satisfy her addictions. She forced me and my brother to steal as well. Anyways, because of this me and brother didn't always get along. We fought a lot over stupid shit. But we're good now. We're actual siblings. We don't do any of the stupid things we used to. We understand that we both only have one sibling, and that we should act accordingly. This poem reminded me of my past, and it almost brought a tear to my eye. This poem is wonderful, and if you've realized the errors of your ways then that's all that matters. Best regards to you and your sister.

    • YoursTruly9

      Wow, I Truly Appreciate You’re Words🙏🏼 I Felt Your Pain Reading About You And Your Family. Bless You All And Thank You Again.

    • orchidee

      A poignant and sensitive write. Thinking of you.

    • Lorna

      She is so lucky to have you for a brother....... may a donor come along soon.........

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