Towards awesome wonder, my delight.  Bringing day, bringing night.  The awesome wonder true light.

Free, everlasting spirit.  Like the wind, gentle breezes.  Soft whispers, morning dew drops, starry nights, spring mornings, a hidden stream in the mountains.  Mellow, and still yet so spirited you can feel it by just standing near.  

Wind softly blowing over a grassy mountain hill.  The wind making whispers of love song out between each blade of grass.  And I yes I all I can do is listen to the ever silent world that passes by. 


  • ForeverJesus6

    I yes I all I like the last line of your poem.
    It sounds very good.
    Keep on writing.

    • marlenawood

      Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed this love


      Thanks MARLENA ~ For a very emotional Poem ~ embracing Love & Nature ~ Brotherly HUGS ~ BRIAN ! Love the picture BEAUTIFUL ~ Lady in Red ~ B !

      • marlenawood

        Thanks love I'm glad u like the lady in red lol all men love red I'm assuming and thanks again

      • yellowrose

        really lovely 🙂 i love nature

        • marlenawood

          Thanks love an yes I love nature too I'm such a nature person

        • ron parrish aka wordman

          lovely imagery

        • Accidental Poet

          This was a joy and very playful read Marlena.

          • marlenawood

            Thanks love I'm glad you enjoyed this

          • Lorna

            Nature's song is where we find our sanity if we are listening isn't it..... it never fails us M!

            • marlenawood

              Your right love it never fails us as it is therapeutic to the soul thanks babe

            • willyweed

              Whoa is he who can not see the beauty and the light wonderful piece my girl ww

              • marlenawood

                Thank love for enjoying this xx

              • Maxine Smith

                Nature poetry hits me every time.
                “Free everlasting spirit”
                “The morning dew ...”
                “Listen to the ever silent ....”
                Love these lines, I’m right there, with the morning dew drops, feeling free spirited listening to everlasting silence.
                Devine hunny, well done.

                • marlenawood

                  Your truly inspirational Maxine with such words u speak of babe thanks so much

                  • Maxine Smith

                    Always hunny, your writing is heart felt. I feel like I get you, through your words. To be able to do that is a true talent, so you should be very proud ☺️

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                  • spiritofgod

                    Wonderful! Like the gloomy hidden stream in the mountains.

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