A poet

  • What is a poet you may wonder

Why do they write or type what gives them bother

  • Why do they do the things they do what purpose does it hold

To write such things that are sad, happy, or bold

  • I will tell you why in these few words

And once you will know it will not be absurd

  • For we have and emotions and demons as you all know

And with these poets and poems makes us not so different and it shows

  • That we hate, fear, cry, and love the same things

It shows that everyone is normal we are human beings

  • It connects us unites us against the madness of this world

Shows that there is hope in men, women, boys, and girls

  • What is a poet I have told my spill

A poet is a literate warrior and it is easy to tell


  • Lee Renard Caspian

    Love the line "a poet is a literate warrior". Very well expressed

    • Netashi

      Thx Lee

    • onepauly

      thank you.

      • Netashi

        Any time pauly

      • theseachild

        Wow, you are so talented!!! You speak in such an artistic yet clear way, please continue on!

        • Netashi

          Thx sea child for generous compliments

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks THETA
          Poetry is sweeter
          Than Prose
          As everyone knows !

          Thanks for sharing and caring
          I too enjoyed the power in the phrase
          The PEN is indeed ~ in a War of Words
          Much mightier than the sword !

          Yours ~ BRIAN (UK)

          • Netashi

            Thx brains

          • Fay Slimm.

            You outline the reason behind the urges to write with admirable imagery Theta - - - the pen has ever been an instrument stronger than swords. Well said.

            • Netashi

              Thx slim

            • Its Raskolnikov

              A good description with interesting ways of punctuating the poem with pause

              • Netashi

                Thx you Rakolnikov

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