Depression pills update.

Been awhile since I wrote

Been awhile since I spoke

I was okay for awhile

But it’s been awhile since I broke


I was okay for awhile

It was just a laugh and smile

Stop taking my pills

Then it was all just a pile


After stopping my prescription pills

Because all of the laughs and thrills

It all came back and added up

All the depression spills 


I didn’t know it was gunna add up

So it was all bottoms up

It was my first night

And now its all out from whatever’s built up


  • marlenawood

    You have to feel ur emotions babe u can't mask them unless you want to it's up to you an I can relate to this much love

    • Dysthymia

      Thank you for the love and support. I appreciate it

    • orchidee

      Try cutting down pills gradually maybe? Hopefully you'll be okay for a 'longer while' :) And just don't hear me sing - or you'll never recover. No -one will! heehee.

      • LAWLESS


        It is best to do your research concerning your illness. Doctors usually have their hand in your pocket. Mostly, don't go by the advice of the uneducated.


        • Dysthymia

          Thank you for the opinion I’ll look a lot more into it

        • LAWLESS

          Also, thank you for persevering the opinions we have. I enjoyed your poem very much. It is well written and conveys your struggle.

          My son, sister and deceased brother were diagnosed with major depression. My sister spent years researching the disease, she found that she fell into the dysthymia category and is doing fine without medication. I truly hope that you can do the same.

          Hood had many good points. You really shouldn't trust anyone but yourself.

          • Dysthymia

            Thank you for the acknowledgment and opinions. I appreciate it a ton

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