Addiction *take two*


You think it's fun an games until you end up doing something lame. Who's to blame? You, your parents, your friends, the peasants who talk to you as you hallucinate. Oh hell yes it's wicked cool but it's not really because you end up looking like a fool. As you walk inside your house and your parents are worried to death you think oh lord just let me be for heavens sake. Ecstasy is a europhia of bliss but after you crash you will feel like shit. Jaws aching so bad, body dragging and you feel sad. Meth/ice both not nice as you look like a spastic person who has gone mad. Just say no to drugs and who cares what they say about you it's them that ends up being the one in jail or dead or whatever you never know when it's your day.

"You are here forever
Because of your endeavors
All your second thoughts
Pulled off all your feathers
Let me set the leash
While you beg and plead
For an escape as you take more."
I was a pillhead then
I'm a pillhead now.
I saw the relapse coming
I thought they'd drag me down
But I'm still alive
And it's such a shame
I am a waste of space
That will never be the same

The sexual addiction
Is a stomach twisting perversion
A few moments of pleasure
Then the torment will enter
A rush of endorphins
Feeling euphoric
Then quick in a snap it’s over and your back
Back to the memories of abuse
Wondering how you could be arroused
By watching the same thing that crippled you
The sounds and the feeling lead you to things
Then your in bed with another and another number
Trying to feel wanted
Hoping it’s working
But your just losing your value
You leave yourself broken and worthless
And all because you wanted to get rid of the darkness
It’s not worth it
You don’t deserve this

Sweet sedation set me free
From tomorrow thoughts, from today's concerns altough be it temporary
So many thoughts so many ideas but little memory
My eyes lay down my face a frown and in my thoughts I'm all but free
You are the cure and the disease but at least no anxiety
Escape the box & pick the locks, disillusion of controling my own destiny
Night after night, an unwinnable fight.
How I wish for sobriety
Sweet sedation, O please will you just let me be me
Desiring for the unobtainable, please just set me free
You have became the curse of every verse, the knot in my family tree
You killed my Mother, poisoned my Father and now you're after me
Tonight in my thoughts you are the force that keeps me thinking erratically
O sweet sedation, only time will tell
For tonight we're tight and it feels so right like a tortoise inside it's shell
Sweet sedation, one day I may break the spell
You lift me up then drop then from aheigh
Back to my living hell

addiction is the wrong illness to rump with,

i was born sick,

borderline overdose was the diagnosis,

the prognosis is that my style is hell of dopesick,

It's  raining coffins,

what i'm seeing is distorted lightful-darkness from the high sent,

voices masked as fallen corpses from the starships,

lighted laced spliffs with booze spit,

the lords offering paying homage to pain's milestones,

put that in your pipe,

smoke your life short and die smiling,

gaining losses through death's earnings,

unfortunate fortune when the red curtains closing.

The NINE Fruits of The Holy Spirit are:
LOVE ~ I don't read or watch PORN
JOY ~ I'm happy without an UPPER
PEACE ~ I'm calm without a DOWNER
PATIENCE ~ I never lose my COOL
KINDNESS ~ The HOLY SPIRIT enables me to be KIND
FAITHFULNESS ~ I am always Faithful to ANGELA
GENTLENESS ~ I abhor AGRESSION in any situation
SELF CONTROL ~ God helps me to always be in control !
Christians are FILLED with HOLY SPIRIT
Who enables us to live DRUG FREE LIVES ~ AMEN !

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  • Comment from author about the poem: The pic is of my mom. She died from the flu yet she was on medication called methadone because I told her I had nothing to do with her anymore until she quit drugs an when I said that she got on methadone. They detoxed her at the hospital and her blood pressure went sky high as she was in pain from no medication she had been use to taking. She had a stroke in the brain an now she's gone....
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  • Maxine Smith

    Ah I missed it again. Sorry Hunny been mad busy with work this week. This is brilliant, well done you and everyone else.

    • marlenawood

      It's ok babe I got more to come love

      • Maxine Smith

        Keep them coming ☺️☺️

      • ForeverJesus6

        That is very deep and heart spilling.
        You came a long way.
        Persistence is key

        • marlenawood

          Thanks for the compliment an yes it is deep very difficult to talk about an to know that I even played "mortician" as in I fixed her up for burial is truly hard an traumatic but I did it.

          • ForeverJesus6

            Well if you ever want to talk (email)... Believe me. I have been there.

          • King Taurus

            My bad i missed tha time to write. I will come to it but i was at work thinkin of wat i could put when i got back to tha floor. I didn't think it was timed on writin something. My bad sorry marlenawood.

            • marlenawood

              It's all good I promise an I still have more to come so u will have a chance soon love

              • King Taurus

                I appreciate it. I think i got one pre-ready. So it's like i can write any type of poem long as we add stanzas?

              • 2 more comments

              • King Taurus

                I got one for it next it go round.

                • marlenawood

                  That's what's up an I'll try to do it today

                  • King Taurus

                    Cool. I got one to write i just wrote it this aftanoon.

                  • a.5724

                    Nice poem!

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