R OMANCE ~ part of everyone's Life
O NE'S Relationships with Yang or Yin
M EN or LADIES can be romantic or platonic
A ROMANTIC liaison can lead to Love ........and
N UPTUALS ~ so take good care if you are struck by
C UPIDS ARROW ~ We all have a ROMANCE GENE ~ so
E XTRA CARE is needed ~ if your ROMANCE is unlawful !
Thanks for reading ~ Please add your Romance Poem ~ BRIAN

The violets and the rose
Love written through prose
Or creeping up behind you
The bad and the good
Is not understood
But is a gift I'll take

- Love is a gift and it is great
Managed by two and given by fate
- For it is a positive feeling an amazing reaction
Two caring and loving giving satisfaction
- And I will love it when I find my girl and fly
If only I wasn't a fool and weren't shy

Love is a gift from heaven above
It's a wonderful thing to be in love!
It's a marvelous thing between any two
Love is the most wonderful thing you can do!

In her hands
If you must see” Then first thing first”
As I Dagger the beak of my swords teeth
Into a four foot wooden seat.
All I can think of’,
Is A dream of ever sleep”
as you fly in’ and Around my Sky's’
and guide my wins” so i may Swim.
Trew the sands,
and Threw the land's
i am now a glimp. for i do now limp.
So now you seize “every pinch, of inch”
from Realms to sounds, tho Kings of hounds.
”from your child to my church
to now we merge’
As you know with no doubt
like my cloud if in doubt.
That this wings will feather
trew any sortes of leather.
So rise’ as high’
as if you yourself rolled the dice.
So why” do why.“better than i”
that if you lose sight” we both die .

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