A voice of reason


“Keep it to yourself

Don’t let them know your struggle

If you let them know 

They will think you are even weaker than you want them to


They don’t know your worries and all the pain you have gone through

They couldn’t possibly understand 

They are just the same as the ones that hurt you

They say they get it 

But look at those eyes 

pitying you

Like your a shame


Don’t cave and don’t give in 

Hold on and burry it deeper

Until you can’t hold it any longer

Then lash out and call them out but don’t tell them why 

Cuz then they will see your hurting inside

Instead be angry and never forgive 

You’ll show them by holding a grudge just how bad it is 

All that they did


Let it simmer under the surface

You can never be free

Too much has happened 

Way to much to be redeemed

Just accept it

Your just not enough

It’s too bad so sad

You should just give up”


Hold on a second 

Look at me 

shut off that depened darkened pit of despair

Hear a voice of reason for once 

I have something to share


Has it been working so far? 

The anger you keep with pride

I see the constant fighting you do to keep it inside

But it breaks through and escapes 

Can I tell you why?


When you were created 

It was only to be loved

Your body wasn’t purposed for anger, fear, lust, jealousy and more.

So when circumstances happen

And those things enter your body

And they are not meant to be there

You have to get it out somehow, somewhere


The darkness will try to convince you to keep it in 

Until it makes you ill

And that is when the outbursts come 

But by then your weaker 

And it hurts more 

If you chose to 

you could let it out before


The voice will tell you 

Your nothing with no purpose 

Just a worn out worn down invisible piece of trash

But the voice is wrong 


See if you were to share what’s wrapped up inside you 

You would release it by choice instead of it bursting from you in acts of anger and rage

Then you may start to see things

You’ll start to feel good and the world will look better 

And it will break your heart

When you see that your story sets someone else free

And they too get a new start


You don’t have to believe that your all alone 

Your meant to be loved and your meant to be free

Free yourself from your prison 

Release what was never meant to be yours 

And you will see that just doing that will open up doors.


Now I’m just a person 

Literally no one special

But what I have shared with you

Has radically set me free

Because these are just a few simple things that Jesus spoke to me


I was once there in deep depression and despair

I used bouts of anger and tears like a pop off  valve for my pain

But now I’m here the happiest I have ever been 

More than I knew possible because I decided to make a change

Life is still hard 

There are still bad days 

The circumstances didn’t get better

But I was cleaned

Now I’m here just to say that even though I don’t know you 

I think you deserve to be free and happy like me!


  • Author: blessednloved (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 2nd, 2018 18:10
  • Comment from author about the poem: There is someone out there who cares even if you don’t know it!
  • Category: Love
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  • ForeverJesus7

    I like the flow of this piece.
    Keep writing.
    Persistence is key

  • chroelle23


  • Gabriella

    an amazing write

    • blessednloved

      Thanks friend! Hope you are doing well!

    • Shallsea

      Very inspiring!!!

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