Aa Harvey

Fallen angel

Fallen angel.



I am the man who fell to Earth;

My space suit failed and I found it hard to breathe.

As I landed amongst the roses that grew from the dirt,

I knew I had found my new home and I would never want to leave.



We find ourselves inside our own sanctuary,

Surrounded by our own insecurities;

But in humane hands I feel safe at last.

Safe enough to swear a pact.



All those people living down there, I never used to understand;

I used to think they were below me, before their land became mine.

Beautiful angels surround me; we are locked together on this land.

Suicide romance is a forgotten memory;

I have removed it from my mind.



The sun is shining on my beautiful wife;

I love it when she holds me so tight.

I hold her close to me and remind her of a former loves light;

His face has changed to my face now and our future is so bright.



(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.



  • yellowrose

    really lovely :-) :-)

  • Maxine Smith

    A great read.

    • Aa Harvey

      Thank you.

      "Steel on the skyline.
      Sky made of glass .
      Made for a real world.
      All things must pass.

      Waiting for something.
      Looking for someone.
      Is there no reason?
      Have I stared too long?"

      Heathen - David Bowie

    • Lorna

      A happy and tender poem aa! Love it.

      • Aa Harvey

        Thank you. I'm glad you loved it.

        Peace, love and empathy.

      • sylviasearcher

        A hopeful poem... No lyrics spring to mind for hopeful love ...

        • Aa Harvey

          "Look on down from the bridge.
          There's still fountains down there.
          Look on down from the bridge.
          It's still raining, up here.

          Everybody seems so far away from me.
          Everybody just wants to be free.
          Look away from the sky,
          It's no different, when you're leaving home.
          I can't be the same thing to you now,
          I'm just gone,
          Just gone..."

          Looking down from the bridge - Mazzy Star (Hope and David)

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