Growing Up Broken

Words seeping into my skull 

Should i stand tall or fold   

People say to forgive to love again   

That should be my goal 

Yet i don't want to feel those things again   

I don't want to put my faith in you just to fall   

You left many times before   

Always you returned to me waiting at the open door   

I can't breathe when i think of turning back   

I was your child you were my rock   

Without warning you sunk into the dark waters of despair 

I struggled for years to hold you afloat   

Hiding my tears and the marks i leave   

Trying to be the strong adult i needed you to be 

The water dried up while i was sleeping one day   

You packed up your stuff and walked away   

The tears fell freely for the first night   

After that i lost my fight 

I cannot control what you choose to do   

However i can chose to focus on me   

To continue being the adult as you drift further away from me 

I'm simply done trying to save you   

Every moment i held you up i fell beneath the waves   

So long to family that i never really had


  • yellowrose

    hello, this is very good.. i love how you talk of her being your rock but then roles reversed and you attempted to be her rock. i like your reference to the sea . you wrote this very well. its a sad thing when roles are reversed and you have to attempt to be the parent, i'm sorry this happened..

    • Cinderella_Pixie

      Thank you and yes it is hard when the roles are reversed

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