The Dreamer


Do not wake the dreamer!

Tread carefully, be aware

You think you see her in the garden?

Alas! She is not there!



Her eyes are open

She's as here as them and those

She is hanging out the washing now?

No no! Tis just Escapist's pose!



She is speaking 

Oh yes, but no one heard

Is she talking to herself?

I see! She's conversing with the bird! 



There is a commotion now!

Terror, anger, faces red.

Surely that will wake her?

Too late? Too gone? Too




No need to mourn the dreamer.

Her cold blood and silent heart.

You're right, she's in the garden

Nevermore! In this world she has no part.



  • Michael Edwards

    You write some great pieces and this is top drawer Sylvia.

  • rrivera138

    Oh my God. The writing is impeccable. I wish I could write this well. The dreamer is still lucid enough to write to the woke.

    • sylviasearcher

      Thanks rrivera. You mean that? I didn't think it was impeccable.

      Very kind of you to say though.

    • willyweed

      to dreams and dreamers near and far the dreams we dream are who we are
      great write Sylvia ww

      • sylviasearcher

        Thanks ww. I've not written here for a while.

        Writing means feeling and exploring and it is often easier not to!

        Many thanks for your kind comments

      • Neville

        I read this a couple of days ago and was impressed by the wording and very subtle intonation and rhyme... I had always intended to re-visit and leave my impression... so here goes... there are a couple of lines I would like to have written myself.. is this about a dreamer who dreams maybe... not so keen on the concluding stanza.. I think it perhaps does not need the last verse as writ... the current penultimate stanza makes a better ending.. at least in my mind... N

        • sylviasearcher

          Thanks neville.

          I like poems that stop dead and suddenly so I can see what you mean.

          • Neville

            I did like number two tho right through..

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          • whisperingquill

            You ryhme really well
            it crescendos along

            Channeling Poe in this I see also

            • sylviasearcher

              Shall I count or you?

              I never knew I channelled Poe!

              Those ravens must have been rattling!

              • whisperingquill

                I'll count lol

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