Jo Middleton

Go and play little John Evans

Go and play little John Evans
Father said carelessly
Don't come to me when you fall
But do whatever you please
Little John Evans runs off
Happy as a small son could be
Swinging from the monkey bars
Terrorizing the monkeys
Refusing to go down the slide
Out of pure paranoia
Annoying every other child
How does one play by itself
Do what they've been told
Without hurting others
It made no sense to little John Evans
Why the other children hated him
Only doing what father said
17 years John Evans returns
Bags under eyes, scars under arms
Misery having sex in his gut
Did you have fun
Father asks unknowingly
Yes father  Says John Evans crying


  • Goldfinch60

    Very strong write Jo, yes children must be free but a caring parent will guide them gently into a good way of living.

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