The Parting Of Your Ways

Once there was a man,
who had everything he could want -
money, mansions, cars,
women, and all.
He only hung out,
with people as wealthy as him.
When he went to parties,
all the celebrities knew him.
He had a closet,
full of two-thousand dollar suits.
He was very arrogant,
and very rude.
He was never kind to anyone,
and never gave to the poor.
Nothing was ever enough for him.
He always wanted more.
As he was going out for walk one day,
an angel in disguise,
asked the man for some change.
The man answered, "I wish you would".
He walked away laughing,
until he cried.
It was not long
before the rich man became sick.
He had lung cancer,
from smoking big expensive cigars,
an ugly liver,
from drinking at parties,
and aids from all the different women.
The richman had no friends,
and drove all his family away.
His heart kept on hardening,
until it stopped beating that fateful day.
It was his butler,
who paid for his funeral,
although he felt no sorrow.
He just wanted the day to be over,
so he could move on to tomorrow.
As the body was being,
taken to the site,
there was no police escort,
or anyone behind.
So live your life,
on this earth,
but don't be like the rich man.
Always put God first.
You will not be able,
to take your possessions to Heaven or hell.
That is why you never see,
a U-haul truck following a hearse.

If I gained the WORLD but lost my SAVIOUR
Would life be worth living for a day ?
Could my empty heart find rest & comfort
In the transient things that pass away ?
If I gained the WORLD but lost my SAVIOUR
Would my gain be worth the life-long strife ?
Are all earthly pleasures worth comparing
For a moment living with a CHRIST FILLED LIFE ?
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There once was a woman
Who came from very meager beginnings
She was raised up watching her parents struggle
To do all their biddings
She saw fighting and heard crying
Her parents marriage slowly dying
Days with no water, electric, or air
Hungry, but eating little so she could share
Wearing used clothes dirty and littered with holes
She doesn’t understand why mom is always mad
Dad is worn down just trying to gain some ground
Now she’s a bit older
trying to figure out how to
Not let this world weigh her down
She’s kind enough
And we haven’t even talked about all her “stuff”
Then she meets this lady
Who is kind and amazing
She says have you heard the good news
And she was hooked too soon
She went through life trusting and believing
Letting go of all the hurting and Bereeving
She never had much more than she grew up with
But she grew a huge family
Friends and children and her never ending brethren
She never looked back and never felt empty
She was full of joy with the life she was sharing
Now she is old and passed away peacefully
The family needs a bigger venue for remembering and sharing
People are standing outside the doors
Just to pay homage to the woman who had awed them
And given them more than she had to give!
What a life she lived!

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