I am Me

Smoky Eyes

I am some pieces of petals, touched with dew from the heavenly sky
I am lavender oil that smells like laughter
I am pieces of poetry, from my favourite books
I am stiched together by the lyrics of the song
I am glued together, by the burning night lights
I drink the sweet taste of coffee pressed against my lips
I am filled with laughter, darkened and sunshine too
And at times too, I fall apart, like silver lining from the skies !
And as I write this, as creative writing
I need you to be okay with me
I am human, not a puppet on a string
I was born from my mother"s womb with care & great loving and from the depth of her soul, she raised me with great beginnings
So if I stand or fall
I know that I am the pieces of lavender, poetry, laughter, petals and sunshine, all stiched together from the depths of my mother"s womb!!😁😁
Writteb by MOI!

I am an English Gentleman
I am hewn from solid English Oak
I am a Scientist ~ also a Christian
I understand all mysteries of Life & Death
I teach Applied Science to Vocational Students
I am 35 and engaged to the lovely ANGELA
I expect to be married by 2020 or 2021
I would love to be a PROUD DADDY
I am BRIAN ~ I am ME !
Thanks for reading ~ please add more verses !

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  • Finished: May 27th, 2018 05:30
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  • Clarita

    AWW simply beautiful and creative. Thank you for sharing.

    • Smoky Eyes

      Thank you for your comment. Regards

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