Stop Guessing


I have so much I want to say
So many thoughts in my head
Lying here tonight in my bed
Trying to just find a way.
Find a way to knock down these walls
That I have built inside my mind
I feel that I’ve been left behind
Because no one answers my calls.
No one answers because they don’t know
I scream deep down inside
Waiting for the pain to subside
So I can finally start to grow.
Start to grow more confident
Be more sure of myself
Take the real me off the shelf
And not be so distant.
I want to become a new me
Someone I should have already been
The true me that lies within
That’s what I want to be.
After all these years I still ask the same question
What the hell is wrong with me?
Why can’t I just be free?
Be who I am and stop guessing.


  • Author: Jmcg (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 13th, 2018 09:51
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Maxine Smith

    Some dark holes we fall into, has us asking these questions.
    Be sure to claw yourself out, when you do, the questions you will know the answers to, for you will be a stronger you.

  • SLR

    I think a lot of us have some kind of identity crisis sometime in our lives. It's so hard to be outside what we are inside when we have insecurities about WHO we are. I feel that this has to be taken one situation at a time. When something comes up, you have to ask yourself how do I feel about this? What does the REAL me think? And one by one you BECOME outside WHO you ARE inside. Great post. Evocative. Makes you think. Love that.

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