Our Bond

Here they are, all the women dear to me.

The bond between them clear for all to see.

Aunts, cousins, sisters, mothers, daughters, wives,

Each will emerge victorious in their lives.

As I watch them now, glancing from face to face,

I know their love has gathered them to this place.

For there is much to thank and I do so with each one.

The shock of true agony, were any of them gone.

I know I have not misspoke. This pain we have been through.

I only lived through my hearts pain because of each of you.

When we lost her we drew together, we held each other,

Irreplaceable, our mother's mother.

As I saw reflected in their faces, the pain that so mirrored my own,

I knew deep within my heart, my soul had made it home.

Looking back on the tragedies that have come our way,

Standing alone or struggling together we live to love another day.

Our children are the people we love above all others.

That is the nature of this family full of mothers.

The fathers in our family are also quite a collection,

Only love would match us to the objects of our affection.

The crazy things they say and do are hard to believe,

But the gifts that we've been given are wholeheartedly received.

These gifts, with their shining faces, forever will amaze,

The depth of our love for them will last throughout our days.

The bond within my family goes beyond the norm of love.

The tenacity of spirit will help us rise above.

With the birth of every child our hearts again must swell,

To have more room for this love that we do so well.


  • Maxine Smith

    A beautiful read for a beautiful day. Nicely done.

    • SLR

      Thank you so much! I'm thinking of my mom today!( And my sisters!)

      • Maxine Smith

        Aw your welcome.

      • Laura

        Awesome poetry for Mother’s Day...or any day! The love expressed with your words is beautiful! I enjoyed this read very much!


        • SLR

          Thank you! I'm not sure if mother's day is only an American holiday or of other countries have it too, but I was hoping the message was universal! We all have women in our families in some capacity. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

          • Laura

            You’re welcome!
            In the UK was March 11th. In many other countries it’s today and in other countries on different dates!

          • Michael Edwards

            That's a coincidence - I also have ladies in my family :) :) Great sentiments expressed here - a lovely work.

            • SLR

              I was hoping since everyone has women in the family in some capacity that they could relate. Thank you so much for your nice comment.

            • Poetic Dan

              I've never really liked mothers day,
              But these words and feelings are amazing.
              The beauty of your soul shines in every one, thank you ever so much.

              I wrote a piece called "I know of so many" that is one of a few that show my appreciation for what the females do for us.
              Much love and respect

              • SLR

                Thank you so much. I'll be sure to check out your poem as soon as I get a chance. (Working a lot lately) I'm not so sure about the' beauty of my soul' though. Sometimes I think it's pretty black. But thank you for your beautiful thoughts!

                • Poetic Dan

                  All about prospective as we try see that there is good in bad and bad in good. Everything we learn from even if we like it or not! As always this is what I'm telling myself lol

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