Bonnie and clyde


Notice of absence from Jooles
I disappear for months on end......just my life but I always come back!

The devil he smiled at me his partner in crime
He smiles like this only for me everyone else gets a snarl and a leer
I'd like to say I hate it but I come back to him time after time
The badness, the excitement it's been the best couple of years

His manic grin and his wild, wild eyes
I made a pact with this perfection, break it? I'd rather die
We feed from the weak and grow strong with their cries
It's romantic you see, like watching a glorious sunrise

It's only him, it's only me with steel in our hand
We take what we want and live by our code
People lives and their souls slip through our blood stained fingers like grains of sand
Another town another city, so many to choose it's time to hit the road

They'll never catch my devil, for that he's to cool
He wraps me in badness and shields me from death
Shaped in his image his all supporting fuel
We will fight side by side till our last dying breath

I am no longer Bonnie, he is no Clyde
Were one body of badness taking life as we go
Together for always to the end of this ride
We'll live for ever, together, this I know

  • Author: Jooles (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 14th, 2018 17:19
  • Comment from author about the poem: Just started writing this and suddenly Bonnie and Clyde sprang to mind.
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    HI JOULES ~ Welcome back ~ missed you for a Month ~ Love the Poem ~ BONNIE & CLYDE are always inspirational ~ sorry the had to die so young ! Love the way you have presented the White on Deep Blue ~ like a MEXICAN TILE ! Mi Casa es Tu Casa ! I note you re-posted it on the 14th ~ identical an interesting ploy ! Trouble is the menu on MPS is only visible for two days !
    This is a beautifully written poem FIVE neat quatrains and a consistent Rhyme pattern abab cdcd efef etc ~ Rhythmic to read and Vibrant to recite like a good poem should be ! The content is great as well and the story flows from line 1

    Verse 1. Badness & excitement ~ best couple of years !
    Verse 2. Manic grin wild eyes ~ feedin' from weak growin' strong ~ romantic (and trigger happy !)
    Verse 3. People count for nothing ~ shootin' killin' movin' on !
    Verse 4. Clyde is "uncatchable" ~ too cool and I'm shaped in his image ~ fightin' side by side to our deaths !
    Verse 5. "One body of badness" (love that expression !) We'll live for ever ~ TOGETHER !
    Alas BONNIE was only 23 and CLYDE 25 when they died in a hail of Police Bullets after a JAIL BREAKOUT ~ so so sad !

    Thanks for sharing ~ great poem ~ Yours as ever BRIAN ~ Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B !

  • Jooles

    Thanks Brian that's an awesome response!!

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