An Honest Bob



I would love to write some poetry that perhaps could earn myself a few bob

 Have got this  feeling    I have become one of the forgotten few- over 55 and lost my job


Understand I didn’t lose it down the back of the settee, nor did I leave it on the bus

I was made redundant by them in charge just asked to leave and make no fuss


 I am now in this unfamiliar place where there are words like attachment’s and CVS

The job I had was a manual one so what the heck would I know about either of these!


This is my own drawn conclusion no one else’s it’s just what I myself think

This  job market is now so alien to me, it  makes my ageing heart sink


I tried ones named “group interview” and for this type ODD is exactly the right word

     They made me feel like I was a small child again- I should be seen but never heard


   I was put up against interesting people (one had dived with sharks another was a black belt in karate)

I ask you what chance did I stand ……..

I go camping once a year and I’m home and in bed by 10 from an all-night party!


 Applying for jobs was crazy every different position meant I had to write yet another CV

 With each one I wrote a new person emerged was I becoming Mr Ben?  I certainly wasn’t me



If you read this please don’t dislike me as I understand trolls are no longer something nice to collect

I am just trying my hand at something new as my redundancy money is dwindling and I don’t want to get into debt!


 My own interpretation on these words:

Bob = (Some Money)

  Mr Ben = (Mr Ben was a character on children’s TV.  He went into a lift and came out wearing different clothes and was in new surroundings)

Trolls = Rather ugly looking dolls that as a child I used to collect.









  • Author: DJ (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 15th, 2018 04:05
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Lorna

    This paints a picture just inches short of despair - the horrors of the rat race.....

  • dusk arising

    I just loved reading your piece today. Vivid and evocative reality of being humiliated by having to 'learn' to be a commodity instead of a person. But the fact that you are first and foremost a normal person shines through your writing.
    You have that rare ability to tell a story of misfortune and have the reader support, sympathy and hope along with you every inch of the way.
    Does writing earn an income? I think you not only need to be very talented but also get all the right breaks.

  • DJ

    Thanks for your comments I have always enjoyed writing poetry- even if Im not so good at it, I find it helps me to vent and sometimes even chuckle!

  • Goldfinch60

    This is a very good write and shows the misery of being made redundant. The challenges you face will be many but you can obviously vent your despair in words. I do hope one of your CV's strikes the right note with somebody.

  • DJ

    Thank you , I was fine at first until reality hit me. If only I had the foresight to keep up with all the new technology and not been such a technaphobe!

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