Nicki Jackson

As I lay here

As I lay here

next to you.

I feel your breath,

I feel your skin.


As I lay here,

my heart beats faster.

You run your fingers

along my body


As I lay here,

It feels so warm.

You whisper in my ear

“ I love you babygirl.”


As I lay here,

It starts to heat up.

You move so gracefully,

you slowly take off your top.


As I lay here,

you take a peak.

Pulling down on my top,

you kiss my forehead.


As I lay here,

Wearing your boxers,

that slowly come off.

You take a deep breath.


As I lay here,

you head for my lips.

Your soft lips,

meet mine.

As I lay here,

It begins.

For the first time,

we become one.


As I lay here,

It all becomes clear.

I love you,

and I never want this moment to end.


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