A message to my creator

Every night I pray 


Every night I pray that u take me off this god forsaken planet

But yet every morning I wake up 

Every night I beg and plead for you to take me away 

But yet every morning a wake up 

Every night I rushed to bed and ask over and over again 

But yet every morning I wake up 

And every morning I asked why didn’t you take me 

Yet there is no answer 

So I’ll keep praying until you take me away 

And at last I’ll thank you 


  • JWKP98

    No life exists apart the endorsement of the Creator, and the Creator does not endorse life without purpose. Hardship does not exist that the Creator will not get us through, hopeless and pointless it may seem. You live at the will of the Creator. It would not be without reason He would keep you here. You were created flawlessly flawed. You were created with purpose.


    "There is a time to be Born ~ and a time to Die
    To everything there is a purpose under Heaven"

    WELCOME FRIEND ~ We all feel lke that sometimes ~ STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF ! But it does not work like that and EUTHANASIA is illegal in the UK ~ so don't risk it. When life gets a burden I seek the council of my Family & Friends ~ and I also pray ! Every Blessing ~ Trust you will find your "Purpose for Living " real soon ~ Yours BRIAN ~ please check my POEMS ~ thanks B.

  • Yorelzinala

    The human experience is a burden on any soul, but one that is shared by many. Stay awhile longer and share more of your eloquence with humanity. Your words are appreciated.

  • orchidee

    Well, He must have some plan and purpose for you then, if you're still here after 10 years!

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