Together Forever

I wish for the day,

Where we can snuggle tight.

All throughout the day,

And all throughout the night.


Whether we play a game,

Or watch a good movie.

I’ll love every second,

Of you being near me.


Whenever you’re hurt,

Whenever you are sick.

I’ll be there for you,

To you I’ll always stick.


And when you feel sad,

I’ll work to cheer you up.

When you need my help,

I’ll be there as backup.


Wherever we may go,

Or through any endeavor.

I’ll stay by your side,

Together Forever.


  • w c

    not bad


    Thanks PIXEL ~ love the LOVE POEM ! very elegantly written ~ full of rhyme & rhythm ! Five balanced QUATRAINS and a consistent Rhyming pattern (xaxa xbxb xcxc etc) Love the content too ~ each stanza introduces a new togetherness ! S1 Snuggle tight day & night ! S2 Games & a Moovie ~ groovy ! S3 Hurt or sick ~ I'll stick ! S4 Sad ? I'll make you glad ! S5 Together ~ Forever ! Great Promises ~ we're all looking for a Partner like that ! Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) ~ Please check my Poems ~ Thanks B !

  • Yorelzinala

    Here's an idea: "Endless Endeavor"

    And GO!

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