New Chapter.

When i look at her i am reminded solely of my past,

She makes yesterday feel like so long ago.

She looks at me and wonders;

Where did all the years go?

She asks when I found my wings and learnt to fly.

She is confused seeing my smile;

Knowing I've had so many years of hurt.

For I was what she loved but she couldn't make my world spin.

I didn't get lost in all the chaos;

For what I thought was the end is a new beginning. 

I look to you and what I see is my future,

Today goes so quickly just because I'm having fun. 

You helped me find my wings and stretched them across my back.

You brought my fears close so I could face them;

You gave me that first push.

You breathed life back into my collapsed lungs,

I've never felt air like it.

You are the fountain that blesses my skin;

Washing all my worries away.

We all have reasons to be here and you taught me that;

I learnt from you to introduce myself not reduce myself.

You can't start a new chapter in your life if you keep 






  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write, it seems that you have found the right person in your life, may it last for eternity.

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