One for Domestic Abuse/Violence

She stares at the clock while shaking
He might not like what shes making
She checks last nights bruise is hidden
Not answering his call is forbidden
She does everything he tells her to do
If she doesnt he beats her black and blue
She believes she deserves what he gives her and the fault is all her own
He wouldnt have had to punch her
If only she picked up the phone
She hears footsteps in the hallway
And she knows he's almost there
She stands to greet him in the doorway
And pretends that she still cares
There's a tiny stain on the carpet
And she cowers on the floor
He doesn't know if shes breathing
As paramedics knock on the door
She lays in bed in the hospital
Unable to see what he's done
Hes sorry, and she forgives him
But she buys herself a gun
When he wont eat what she's making
Instead of cowering and shaking
She protects herself with the trigger
And puts a bullet in his brain
She'll spend a lifetime in prison
But he will never beat her again

Copyright Julie Murphy 2018


  • Goldfinch60

    Very strong write, it is difficult to understand these type of relationships but they more common than is realised, our daughter was in a bad relationship, there was no physical abuse but the mental abuse was so profound, she did evetaully get away from him but the love was a harder thing to come to terms with.

  • Jewels

    That's it, love is truly blind. When we take off out blinkers and see what's around us, that's when we see things from a different perspective and can act on it accordingly. Thank you for your comment.

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