Through the eyes of a , every day if filled with wonder; And, there’s not a doubt, that magic is definitely real. In the mild of a child , there’s no such thing as a time and a place To express how you truly feel. If they’re angry , they scream, sad they cry, and when they are filled with delight: they laugh and squeal! The heart of a child,holds honestly, love, and blind trust. It’s so tragic, that we live in a world That forces parents to remove those childhood blinders so early in their lives. But, to keep them safe, we do what we must. We remove the magic, the honesty and trust. We replace their youthful light, with darkness. Now they’re just another victim of fear. They have shed their glow of youth, They’ve become, nothing more than, a carbon copy, a replica of us. DO YOU RECALL THE MAGIC? THE BEAUTY SEEN, THROUGH THE EYES OF YOUR FORGOTTEN , CHILD. THE DREAMS THAT YOU BELIEVED WOULD SURELY COME TRUE. I’m going to try to recapture that little person filled with faith, and exploring the unknown. I HOPE YOU WILL TRY THIS WITH ME. It doesn’t matter how trivial, childish, or short. Let’s all try to take one small peak through our child’s eyes. Life should be living, not simply existing! 

pleae share your daily childish adventure :)


  • Goldfinch60

    If only the innocence and wonder of childhood could stay with us but it does come back in old age, I am now reliving my second childhood as at my age I can go playing once more.

    • Resa71

      I’m glad to hear that!

    • Lorna

      There's a whole slice of life where "having fun like a child" is so frowned on..... a person has to be very sure of themselves to be able to ignore all that stuffy folderol .... yes Resa, I'm with you!

      • Resa71

        Today was my sons class party. For the end of the school year.
        I was outside jumping rope the girls.
        They looked at me a little strange at first but then. As kids do, went on playing with me and having fun!
        That was my child activity for today 🙂

        • Lorna

          And it did your heart good!

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