bella cortez

Rise and Shine Child of mine


Rise and Shine they said,

Not knowing what lies ahead for them 

Child, If I told you the truth 

Would you sit here and listen? 

If I told you things aren’t always beautiful when you grow up

will you sit here and hear me?

Will you promise to open your eyes?

Stop being blinded and follow the right path 

If I told you, will you be brave enough? 

Will you stand tall and fight for your rights?

The world has fallen apart many times 

But we are warriors 

Angels in disguise 

Don’t be fooled by the lies 

Tomorrow is a new day 

Will you promise to 

Rise and shine?

Speak from your soul 

And have your own Mind?

Life is beautiful when you truly open your eyes 

The skies may be grey 

But your soul shines everyday 

So child of mine, will you promise me one thing? 

To follow your heart and make your own path. 




  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write and very wise words. All we can do to our children is try and show them the best way to live but they need to find their own paths into the wonder that is their life.

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