Both of Us

We've known from the first moment,

That love could tear your world apart.

I believed that we had something special.

That it would be different with our hearts.


How can you think this is the answer?

I want to fight for the love we had.

We have so much to fight for.

Our baby needs a mom and a dad.


Part of both of us needs us both.

You can't just say goodbye,

Not after everything we've been through.

We can get through this if we just try.


After the time we've had together,

And now you want to leave.

You're leaving with my heart.

I still can't make myself believe.


  • Michael Edwards

    Just beautiful and so sad but so pleased to read that you both worked through it. Marriage has to be worked at and I'm pleased to add that after 50 years my wife and I are as strong in our love for each other as we have ever been.

    • SLR

      My parents have been married over 50 years too. I think it's wonderful when couples can stay together and work things out, especially these days when the majority of marriages end in divorce. Congratulations to you! 50 years is an amazing milestone. Thank you for your comments!

    • Maxine Smith

      This is stunning, and congratulations on your 21st anniversary. Truly inspiring.
      My ex husband after ten years sadly came home out of the blue and said he hasn’t loved me for 18 months and lefty into the arms of another woman. Even to this day I regrettably say I’m still not 100 percent over it and it’s has been two years since.
      So readying work like this, the reality yet shows a that ‘if’ you want to, you really can put the work in and work things through.
      Very happy for you.
      Great emotive read.

      • Maxine Smith

        Sorry, many typos as I’m getting the kids ready for school and rushing.

        • SLR

          I'm sorry that things didn't work out for you and that you're still hurting. Your babies will get you through it. Focus on them and love will find you when you're not looking. It sounds cliche but I've seen it several times with people I know. Thank you for your kind comments.

        • SLR

          Thank you and congratulations on 43 years! That's wonderful!

        • Andrew Charles Forrest

          Special things are worth fighting for S
          and I love happy ending
          Tender powerful write from the heart
          Thank you

          • SLR

            Marriage is hard. It takes a lot of work, love, forgiveness, understanding and compromise (on both sides). Thank you for your nice comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it and could relate.

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