You Are You

Whenever it rains you get stuck inside

And a secret comes as your brain confides

A nasty little word that eats away at your mind

And what's worse is that there's nowhere to hide


So you drop a line or two in your little black book

But another nasty secret when you come back to look

Burrows down as you pull your hair and bite your nails

And all is has to do is tell you how much you've failed


But here's the thing: everybody's a critic

And it's the easiest job to be a nasty cynic

Try not to be so hard on yourself and do the best you can do

You're a pretty little poet and you're good enough being you


  • prettylittlepoet

    I love this poem so much, you’re such a great writer!

    • GON

      Thanks for the inspiration and the tremendous compliment. :^)

      • prettylittlepoet

        You’re very welcome :)

      • dusk arising

        Hey i really like this and its made me smile and chuckle.
        There's so much i can relate to in this piece. Brilliant.
        Going into my favourites.

        • GON

          Thanks, have a nice day!

        • Lorna

          What nice thoughts so well written!

          • GON

            Thank you. :^D

          • Michela Vismara

            literally all your poems are so good x

            • GON

              Thank you very much, I try my best. :^P

            • Lee Renard Caspian

              I really like this. Well done

              • GON

                Thank you.

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