One wicked man with an evil soul,
He had made terrible mistake,when he drank of the devils bowl.
He took the lives of 59 people,who were out for a night of fun,
It wasn't his call to say that all of those lives were done.
The influence of satan takes over many lives,
But the love of the Lord made many survive.
The 59 innocent souls are now with the Lord,
The horrors of this world,they will not have to suffer anymore.

History has it's evil.
That is why,
we must stay in the Lord.
With mass murders,
child abductions and killings,
all it takes,
is a snap,
to be conformed to this world.
After all,
the devil has years of experience.
Do not think you can beat him,
without Christ.
He makes a career,
of getting into people's mind,
and feeding them all kinds of lies.
Some say when we die,
there is no Heaven or hell,
but are you willing,
to take that chance.
Turn to Jesus.
You might as well.

The wasteland is dark and full of pain,
a place where you would be prying for rain.
The wasteland is desolate and hot,
with screams of agony,an odor of burning flesh and rot.
The wasteland is horrid place,
you would be imprisoned with demons,running an unwinnable race.
You would undoubtedly regret your choices in life,
But be unable to repair your wrongs and survive.
As you twist in agony,no help would you find,
Nor relief for your pain,or anyone to be kind.
The wasteland is no place you want to be,
So praise the Lord that He made you free.

As you walk through the valley,
You hear those,
who thought they could wait.
They thought they had more time,
so they could live their life,
now they realize they are to late.
Now one walking through the valley,
is second guessing himself.
'Do I want to reach,
the end of the valley,
or do I want to end up in hell'.
Unfortunately some,
never make it through the valley.
Yet, some barely make it out alive.
With the devil always,
trying to pull that one in,
He calls on Jesus to be your guide.

NOW is the accepted TIME
Thanks SISTER for your very Powerful Poem about the Power of Satan in the World and the fact that it is only our Faith in JESUS and the indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT that can protect us from his Power ~ also the Power of God's Word the BIBLE ~ AMEN !
As CHRISTIANS we are subject to TRIALS & TEMPTATIONS but we are exhorted to: CRUCIFY the FLESH ~ FLEE away from the WORLD and RESIST the DEVIL with the SWORD of the SPIRIT with the WORD of GOD. Thanks for your POEM ~ most MEMBERS of MPS are supportive of Christian Witness ~ Every BLESSING ~ Your Brother in CHRIST ~ BRIAN (UK)

For the fires kept burning and getting louder stronger and brighter. The trees burn brighter than ever as the napalm sinks into the leaves. Our men, or kids of the past shouldn't have suffered the fires. Shouldn'thave fought something that wasn't their battle. Communism or Capitalism does it really matter?
All under one law. All under the Gods law. All under the same house same love for one another. For we are humans we make our mistakes. Communism or Capitalism you're still my brother. The War of Vietnam was all for naught the goal we sought was nothing but a dream.
We came home in pain with ptsd. Couldn't enjoy our life. Fought a war that was not needed. Fought for people only because we were the same. Fought for nothing and died for nothing. For our efforts were all for naught.
Vietnam. The third degree burns show the pain the troops went through. Brings the bad memories they faced. Shows how they almost died for us. Yet communism took over Vietnam.
Yet what we so called Americans believed strongly in failed greatly in the end.
For our tactics. Our strategies in the end was all for naught. For the communism we wanted to contain took over all of Vietnam.
For there was no true winner. For everyone lost something those years.
For everyone suffered and everyone cried. For no one was a winner instead everyone was at loss. Some people remember the Alamo. But who could ever forget Vietnam.

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