The pieces of me are shining bright,
The things that make me complete,I grasp with all of my might.
I will never let go,I will not change,ever,
Nothing can change the course of my endeavor.
The pieces of me are headed towards grace,
The faith in my heart,puts me ahead of the good race.
I run to my Lord,our groom in the clouds,
To be His bride forever,all safe and sound.
Leaving the past behind,only moving forward,
To the place where i will stand,as grace is being poured.
I will receive it throughout the pieces of me,
To cover me with the veil of love,which is totally free.

The Pieces of me are Jagged and Dim,
The things that complete me dissolve on a whim,
I can not let go,
and I may never change,
It seems my endeavors are all rooted in pain,
The pieces of me have fallen from grace,
And this world that surrounds me has quickened its pace,
I run from the darkness
Yet get trapped in the clouds
Forever in silence,
Encased in this Shroud,
I can not move forward
And I can not go Back
So I stand here alone
while your judgement is cast.
I will receive it through the pieces of me,
and I fear from this veil I will never break free.

The Things that makes
me me,
is the faith I have in me,
The boldness that suddenly,
overcomes my fear,
in the face of adversity,

BODY is the shell I'm in
AT 35 its getting Old & Thin
BUT GOD has promised me 35 more
TEN and then THREE SCORE (3 x 20)
Now that is something else again !
Though my BODY fades away
MY SOUL gets better ~ every day !
In Heaven with The LORD
Cos I believe in JESUS ~
That is my REWARD !
Now abideth ~ these three ~ BODY SOUL
Shall pass away but SPIRIT ~ Eternally !
Great FUSION Melissa ~ Thanks for starting BRIAN

Pieces of memories
Drifting apart
Consciousness dissipates
Time and matter....
Onto the canvas
My logic splatters
Creates abstract art
With deep patterns and whirls
Colours of violet
Meet brushtrokes of violence....
Colours then merge in unison
Darkness of anger
Shades of death
Loss & confusion
Paint continues to run
As time lumbers on
The greyness of the situation
Emotions of grief unfurl
The centre piece is a shellfish
That weeps...
A clam grieves the loss
Of it's Pearl

Sometimes I feel abandoned,like you are nowhere around,
Sometimes I am dying in silence,no motion nor any sound.
Sometimes I feel bandoned,it's as if you have left me,
All alone and afraid,everything so dark and frightening.
I cannot feel you,where did you go,
Please come again,for I feel so low.
I pray that you return and rescue me from my despair,
Because I believe in my heart,it's me that you can repair.
When you come again,I will no longer be sad and blue,
You will save me from myself and make everything anew.


  • HangingbyaHalo

    Who did the 5th stanza?

    • Frogspoetry

      That would be Syd😧😁

    • ForeverJesus6

      Each piece I have in me,
      holds another character trait.
      I do not consider myself,
      a one-thousand piece puzzle.
      I am a simple person,
      with simple problems,
      with simple obstacles,
      who waits on the Lord,
      to resolve them.
      How others see me,
      is entirely up to them,
      or maybe I am,
      a bit complicated.
      Still, I am,
      made in God's own image,
      and that is how I was created.

    • Frogspoetry

      That's exactly right.I feel the same way.

    • Syd

      This has turned out to be quite a good fusioned poem. Thanks for starting Frogspoetry.

      - Syd

    • Frogspoetry

      Thank you Syd,that means alot

      • Syd

        No problem

      • Frogspoetry


        • Syd

          I see your point, perhaps. You're title inspired my stanza though so if it had been 'Pieces Of Us' it would have turned out a lot different.

          Take care - Syd

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