Jane Frye


I close my eyes, disappearing into a dream.
Higher and higher, to a place where it's silent and serene.
I glide and soar over oceans and mountain tops.
I float through the clouds and watch rain as it drops.
I see thistle pods floating silently by,
carrying a child's wish or a lover's sigh.
I catch an updraft to watch snowflakes,                 twirling and drifting towards the shimmering lakes.                                                              Reflecting the colors of the sun,                         each the only one.
Soon my thoughts are as clear                               as a lost love's last tear.
Still higher into the tranquil calm I soar,                no limits anymore.
Into the peaceful beautiful blue,
where I know I'll always find you.





  • Goldfinch60

    Sail into your dreams, they are full of joy.

    • Jane Frye

      Thanks for reading my poem.

    • Frogspoetry

      Very beautifully put.Always look to God,for inspiration and love,serenity and refuge

    • Jane Frye

      Thank you for your kind words.

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