I love to drink my coffee.
Some taste better than others.
Although I do not have a favorite,
I am a coffee lover.
Ethiopian, Kenyan,
Coasta Rican, or Jamaican,
or if it is from Seattle -
if I see it, it will be taken.
Coffee in the morning,
or coffee at night,
I am greatful for coffee,
I drink it all the time.
I just had five cups,
and my eyes are wide open.
Hopefully, I didn't,
forget how to blink,
because now I am really awoken.

The best Coffee in the World
At our local DELI they keep the BEANS
Sealed in the FRIDGE ~ You buy
By the gram and then they're
Fresh ground they cost
£3 = $4 ~ per 100 gm
Taste of HEAVEN !

I like coffee morning,noon,and night,
It relaxes my nerves,when are all uptight.
Coffee has a way of calming me down,
I love drinking it at home,or in a coffee shop in town.
I like it with cream and sugar,or as a frappe,
I like it americano and even as a latte.
Coffee is my afternoon delight,
I don't know what I would do without coffee in my life.
I wonder what kind I will have tonight.

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