Eastern Gulf and London Life

Snowflake Incorrigable

Notice of absence from Snowflake Incorrigable

If my God had bestowed me His Powers for a second

and declared, "here! make the sort of woman you'd desire"

I would have made you.


I had your image in my mind from I was old enough to know

and I had in the passing years luckily loved some women that

looked near you enough


The last one was ninety percent you and I loved her so

because I believed no one ever really get every thing

just as they desired


Then one day I heard a loud bang outside and I went to my door

I opened my door to see what was happening but no one was there

then from the corner you appeared


My heart flipped and rolled and I blinked twice starring at you

for there you were right in my vision, walking towards me

the lady I had always hoped existed.


I marvelled at God,s miracle, marvelled that it was a divine miracle

that God really, without my prompting looked into my mind's eye

and created you just as I see you


So there you are, in appearance, down to the last detail, as I had

imagine over the years and searched  for, but never really found

now, right there stood you.


Radiant like golden honey, full lustrous hair with the sheen of dark olives

and the face of a Grecian goddess that rivalled Aphrodite herself

within the most delicate, graceful, feminine body ever


We spoke about the noise, said you had just moved into the neighbourhood

we moved from topic to topic and it seemed we both didn't want to stop talking

inwardly I praised God's attention to details and finesse


I did not waste time, we spoke, we laughed, I was not backwards

in coming forward, I am single I had to go for it, it was now or never

at the end I got your number


So over the months I tried, but you were never there, you were single

you said, but never really available, we met up a few times, but then

nothing, nothing nothing,


You never discouraged or hinted otherwise, you would flirt and smile

and make plans to meet up, but something would come up, so till

next time, you'd say


But something wasn't right, I had been around women all my life

loved and was loved by some amazing women, but with you there was

something different, something not quite there


I'd also wondered why one as stunning as yiu were, didn't have a partner

or a spouse by now, but knowing the  culture and traditions of your origins

I imagined it could be due to that


Then it came via hints, words disguised, and gossipy neighbourhood grapevine

and a local shop girl screaming once, 'your friend is lipstick' while serving me

it was easy, to put two and two together, the penny finally dropped.


In hindsight, I remembered some things you did, now with clarity  I felt stupid

wondering if then you were trying to tell me something. You once sat me down

made me tea infused from various leaves


That evening with the light from the fireplace reflecting on your face

I thought you were the most beautiful woman in the world bar none

and thanked God again for creating this masterpiece


Long afterwards, I was to read somewhere that tea made from leaves

like we had that evening, actually had its name because of its exclusivity

amongst a certain gender identity group


I was not shocked or horrified, what's there to be shocked about

I was disappointed though, but only because you weren't confident

and secured enough to let me know


I had told you from day one, that I believed in love not lust and was

not after your body. I never made a move on you, cause I believed if

we ended up in love, it would happen naturally


It felt like the Devil was mocking me, up to his wicked tricks, the bastard

would God, create my perfect woman looks wise, and then add this to her

and to make matters worse, mocked me by allowing us to meet


In the end, I realized, God was teaching me a lesson, be careful what you wish

for, for nobody ever gets everything in life, not even if they think they had

found it or it looked like that


So we're not to be, that woman, that if God had given me his power to make

the one made to my exact specifications in looks, the one I never thought existed

could only be with Eve.


God does indeed have a sense of humour - glory to the Father, The Son and

the Holy Spirit.

Thy will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven







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