Don't let the mirror define you

look in the mirror what do you see? 

do you see nothing but errors?

don't let that glass define you 

don't chase peoples approval

this world is crul and will break you

take my advise seek God 

people may call you a Jesus freak 

people may say your weak 

they will put you on diplay 

you will feel lifeless and dead 

God will pull you out of it spread the word 

he heard your pled for help he's there 

he won't let you bleed he will heal you 

you will feel his overwhelming love
















  • Frogspoetry

    we all often seek approval from other people,we forget that God seesus differently.gret poem and message,gabriella,keep spreading the positive messages.

  • Goldfinch60

    That person you see in the mirror is not you, it is a reflection of you, only others see you as you are and only God really knows who you are.

    • Gabriella

      You are right!!! Only if people would stop if people knew how much their worth was in Gods eyes.

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