Reason we say goodbye to our animals


Note: just a comforting thought


I know the ANGELS are children of GOD
I wonder are they jealous of you and me
Yearn to be a parent, know the love
Of their own child, or furfamily

Most of us on Earth were blessed
With the ability to have children
They were denied, we weren't, that's the
difference between ANGELS and humans

They don't get to understand the love
They can only watch and see
We treat our animals with love
Treat them as our babies

The gift of holding a child, or animal
They only get to watch, never know
Both bring us comfort in play
an animal, and child let's our love grow

The beauty of being a parent
To a child or furfamily member
Their unconditional love and devotion
Is something to cherish and remember

The smiles their actions bring
The happy tears they make fall
They don't get to experience parenting
ANGELS only can wonder at it all

I think GOD,let's the ANGELS watch
So they are prepared when the time came
So they can be parents to our animals
Love and treat them just the same

So as we say goodbye to our animals
They are welcomed in HEAVEN above
Because now the ANGELS get to know
About the beauty of a parents love

Written by Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

  • Author: Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 27th, 2018 01:55
  • Comment from author about the poem: I said goodbye to my mr.cuddles June 21, I like the idea of the Angels playing with him in HEAVEN, we treat our animals as our children, ANGELS are children of GOD, but don't get the privilege of knowing the love of being a parent, with watching us, I have wondered if they were are jealous they can't have children of their own, with having the pets we say goodbye to, they get to experience the love of not only an animal but the love of being a parent. Please it's just a comfortable thought, I don't want no religious rarks on why this can't be.
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  • Heartwriter

    So, so precious. We do love our furbabies. It's hard to say goodbye.

    • Xeson

      Believe me I know, it's only been 5 days and I'm just lost without him, I miss my baby so much. I believe in GOD and there's a reason for everything, I just can't figure out why an animal had to die, what is the lesson we are to learn from such senseless loss

    • Goldfinch60

      Angels are everywhere, if ever you see a feather and do not know from where it came you know an Angel has been near.

      • Xeson

        Maybe they dropped it while wrapping their protective wings around our pets as they welcome them to HEAVEN

      • orchidee

        A sensitive write. We may dash off to get a 'replacement' pet. Or we may wait a while perhaps, for man's/woman's best friend!

      • Frogspoetry


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