A place in time


sit upon a rock and gaze

out on the open sea,


gulls rest on a breeze

what is that but free,


wave and rock collide

at this the great divide,


time and tide has been

and gone, what is left we

walk now on.


stroll down the beach

your footprints I will seek


and when I've heard what's

on your mind our friendship

intertwines with out-stretched

arms, you I will embrace at

this our special place.


  • Laura🌻

    This exquisite poem and pic have taken me back to when I was sixteen years old. The best memories of the best summer ever!

    One observation...
    “out stretched”...should it be one word?
    “you I”...should it be you and I?


    • ZIGGY

      hi Laura so glad this evoked such fond memories, sorry to say but this is the first time on this site I have been offered proper critique if all folk here to do is post and have everyone love every word and line your all missing the whole point of posting poetry in a public forum, so I thank you for this Laura, yes your right on the first point I will change it to out-stretched as how a piece is spoken is key to me, your other point this\\\" with out stretched
      arms, you I will embrace\\\" its not both embracing each other for me its me wanting to embrace this other person first it you get me, but a valid point so thanks for your time and effort to give a proper critique ,,,zigs

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good write ZIGGY.

      • ZIGGY

        many thanks this one was wrote way back thanks ,,,zigs

      • Candlewitch

        dear Bro,

        such a lovely write....it takes me back in time, where I found a very special beach!

        *hugs, Cat

        • ZIGGY

          Dear Cat so glad this took you back to fond memories ,,,,,,,,zigs x

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