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It was the middle of the peaceful night,

The full moon was silvery bright.


Awooo it sounded from a distant.

The fear upon me came in an instant. 


The howling send shivers down my spine,

One after the other like a chorus line.


Awooo it sounded again and again,

It was as if someone was in pain.


The transformation took place,

Everything changed including the face.


Awooo, Awooo a werewolf from head to toe,

A cry after another, a chilling howling concerto.


The confused man metamorphosed into a beast,

For food, it hunted looking to have a feast.


The sleeping naked body under a tree trembled,

As dawn broke the man woke up untroubled. 


The discordant howling concerto paused for a while,

Until the moon rises and the man and wolf reconcile.


  • Goldfinch60

    The howling of wolves is a wonderful concerto that is older than man's music.

  • orchidee

    A fine write Doc. That's no wolves - well, not only wolves. It's me singing too - howling! heehee.

  • Poetic Dan

    I enjoyed the thoughts I had from this, like battling my inner demons.

    Loving your name Doc!

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