Fantasy obsession

Fantasy is awesome 

Vampire are sweet

I wonder how much a dragon eats? 

Hobbits have hairy feet 

Werewolves are moony I mean moody and have scary teeth

Are elves short or tall we know they have pointy ears! 

Fairies are little with beautiful wings

 Animagus turn in to all different things 

I wonder if zombies really eat brains

Goblins and grumpy 

Ghouls live in graveyards 

I wonder if ghost are haunting afar

I love all this lore and my silly questions 

What about you what’s your obsession?


  • Goldfinch60

    Good write, may your fantasies always bring you pleasure.

    • sjc513

      Thank you 😊

    • Poetic Dan

      My obsession is unicorns farting out rainbows, and little leprechauns hiding pots of gold.

      Your imagination is wonderful thank you for read, just what the doctor ordered.

      • sjc513

        Lol 😂 😂 you have a wonderful obsession thanks Dan!

      • Claudelle DeLuna

        Very Cool! I enjoy fantasy as well, I have two young kids, thanks to them most of my life consists of it.
        We are very magical around here.

        • sjc513

          Thanks kids make fantasy even better they have quite the imagination! 😀

        • w c

          i enjoyed it

          • sjc513

            Thank you w c

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